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    4. Jan. 2023 · The Association® 2008-2023. In 1967, The Association® made history being the first band anywhere to open a rock festival - the now historic, Monterey Pop Festival. One of the most successful bands to come out of the 60’s, they have sold millions of records, tapes, CDs and DVDs as well as earned a number of achievements including a Golden ...

  2. 16. März 2023 · Net-Zero Industry Act must recognise strategic role of shipping for Europe’s security. European Community Shipowners' Associations - 2023-03-16. European shipowners today welcome the EU’s proposed Net-Zero Industry Act. The Act can be step-change in efforts to enhance Europe’s security and to support the energy transition of European ...

  3. 21. März 2023 · Welcome to ACAMH. Our vision: Sharing best evidence, improving practice. We aspire for ACAMH to become a major portal, access point for anyone seeking the most expertly digested understanding and interpretations of the best evidence available.

  4. 17. März 2023 · On 17 March, IFPMA delivered a shortened version of the below statement at the WHO INB intersessional briefing on “Article 6: Predictable global supply chain and logistics network” of the WHO convention, agreement, or other international instrument on pandemic prevention, preparedness, and response (“WHO CA+”).

  5. The Association is designed to make you play at the top of your game. [The A·sso·ci·a·tion, n.]; a global organization of ambitious, extraordinary, go-getting women looking to excel. If you are like us, you face challenges & opportunities in your career trajectory on a regular basis, some small, some life changing.

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