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  1. The Cross of Lorraine is an emblem of Lorraine in eastern France. Between 1871 and 1918 (and again between 1940 and 1944), the north-eastern quarter of Lorraine (the Moselle department) was annexed to Germany, along with Alsace.

  2. 8. Feb. 2022 · Learn about the origin and evolution of the cross of Lorraine, a cross with two bars that has been used by various French dynasties and movements. Discover how it became the emblem of Free France during World War II and the Gaullist ideology.

  3. 12. Juli 2023 · The Cross of Lorraine is a two-barred cross with equal length bars, often associated with French patriotism and resistance. Learn about its origins, variations, symbolism and how it's used today in heraldry, jewelry and Freemasonry.

  4. Learn about the history and meaning of the Cross of Lorraine, a symbol of France Libre and the Free French Forces during World War II. Discover how it evolved from a relic of the True Cross and a coat of arms of medieval nobility.

  5. The Patriarchal cross is a variant of the Christian cross, the religious symbol of Christianity, and is also known as the Cross of Lorraine. Similar to the familiar Latin cross, the patriarchal cross possesses a smaller crossbar placed above the main one so that both crossbars are near the top.

  6. Lothringerkreuz oder Lothringer Kreuz ( französisch: Croix de Lorraine oder Croix d'Anjou) ist die Bezeichnung für ein Kreuz mit zwei gleich langen Querbalken, wobei meist der untere Querbalken vom unteren Ende des Längsbalkens so weit entfernt ist wie der obere Querbalken vom oberen.

  7. A two-barred cross is similar to a Latin cross but with an extra bar added. The lengths and placement of the bars (or "arms") vary, and most of the variations are interchangeably called the cross of Lorraine, the patriarchal cross, the Orthodox cross or the archiepiscopal cross.

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