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  1. 20. Juli 2022 · The energy war escalates. Europeans already sizzling under a heat wave and anxious about the war got some more bad news today: They may be forced to ration the use of natural gas to save...

  2. Russias invasion of Ukraine has created shock waves in global energy markets, leading to price volatility, supply shortages, security issues and economic uncertainty. Poorer countries will bear the brunt of the negative consequences of the energy crisis.

  3. 13. Dez. 2022 · Russias invasion of Ukraine is having a global impact on many areas of the world today, affecting the balance of power among states and creating a contest between democratic and authoritarian alliances. It is also having a major impact on the global energy supply.

  4. 10. Okt. 2023 · At first Europe is too vulnerable and overly dependent on imports of Russian gas. But Europe’s resiliency pays off as it turns the tables on Russia. It lines up alternative sources of energy and reduces its demand for Russian gas. A breakthrough in LNG technology is especially decisive.

    • Leif Rosenberger
  5. 24. Feb. 2023 · The most striking change in EU energy imports since the Russia-Ukraine war began has been seen in ‘natural’ (fossil) gas. In 2021, the EU imported 83 per cent of its natural gas. Before the...

  6. 16. Dez. 2022 · Market turmoil and geopolitical realignment after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine put livelihoods and the green-energy transition at risk. Here’s how researchers can help overcome the threats.