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  1. The Family Way Studioalbum von George Martin und Paul McCartney Veröffent-lichung(en) 6. Januar 1967. Label(s) Decca Records (GB) London Records (USA) Format(e) LP, CD, Download. Genre(s) Pop. Titel (Anzahl) 13 Länge. 24 min 59 s Besetzung George Martin: Orchesterleiter, Arrangeur; Studiomusiker; Produktion. George Martin. Studio(s ...

    • Decca Records (GB), London Records (USA)
  2. The Family Way is a soundtrack album composed by Paul McCartney, produced and arranged by George Martin, and credited to "the George Martin Orchestra". [1] [2] Released on Decca Records in January 1967 under the full title The Family Way (Original Soundtrack Album) , it is the soundtrack to the 1966 film The Family Way , directed by ...

    • 6 January 1967 (UK), 12 June 1967 (US)
  3. 8. Juli 2010 · George Martin - Theme from The Family Way (1966) Written by Paul McCartney for the film of the same name and recorded in November 1966 by George Martin and his Orchestra. The...

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  4. 14. Apr. 2020 · While there have been many different versions of The Family Way released through the years, this should hopefully be the final version anyone would ever need. NOTES: 1-13 – stereo mix of The Family Way – Based on a 15 second piano piece ‘written’ by Paul McCartney, George Martin wrote 24 musical cues for the film soundtrack ...

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  5. George Martin Scores Instrumental Versions of the Hits (1965) Help! (1965) George Martin Instrumentally Salutes The Beatle Girls (1966) The Family Way (1967) London By George (1968) Yellow Submarine (Seite 1: The Beatles, Seite 2: The George Martin Orchestra, 1969) Live and Let Die (Filmmusik zum gleichnamigen Film, 1973) Beatles to Bond and ...

  6. 5. Mai 2022 · 1.4K views 1 year ago. This is the sound track to the 1966 film The Family Way. Some people consider this to be Paul McCartney's first solo album, which is dumb, because it is not really an...

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