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  1. The GDR Complex at ExBlicks / Interview with Jochen Hick. 5. November 2016 News, Theatrical, general, Press. by Jochen Hick. The GDR Complex at Neisse Film Festival. 14. May 2016 News. by Jochen Hick. The GDR Complex at Goethe Institute in Paris. 8. Apri ...

  2. The GDR Complex. Panorama 2016. ©. Auch 25 Jahre nach der deutschen Wiedervereinigung ist unter Historikern umstritten, ob die DDR ein Unrechtsstaat war oder nicht. Jochen Hick, der bereits mit mehreren Filmen im Panorama vertreten war, porträtiert mit Mario Röllig einen Zeitzeugen, begleitet ihn zu seinen Eltern und ehemaligen Kollegen, zu ...

  3. The GDR Complex. unveils a strange atmosphere of monologues, misunderstanding and failures to communicate – as seen from the perspective of Mario’s very personal story, which unfolds throughout the film.

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  5. 10. Feb. 2016 · THE GDR COMPLEX. by Jochen Hick. synopsis. Mario Roellig, born 1967, was raised in a family loyal to the state and to the ruling SED party. Mario worked as a waiter at the restaurant in the transit zone of the Berlin Schoenefeld Airport in the GDR.

  6. In his current work, Jochen Hick, several of whose films have screened in the Panorama, tells the story of ex-GDR citizen Mario Röllig. Hick accompanies him as he visits his parents and his former colleagues but also the sites of his attempted flight from the GDR and his incarceration. Röllig was arrested in Hungary in 1987 for attempting to flee the German Democratic Republic; in 1988 the ...

  7. The GDR Complex. Young, gay, and conservative, Mario Roellig is a witnesses to the atrocities committed in the GDR. He guides groups through the Stasi prison where he was once incarcerated.