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  1. Die Glitter Band begann als Begleitband von Gary Glitter und veröffentlichte ab 1974 auch ohne Gary Songs. Sie gehört zu den bekanntesten Vertretern des Glam Rock. Von Besonderheit war dabei, dass zwei Schlagzeuger gleichzeitig spielten. 1977 trennte sich die Gruppe zunächst, kam aber 1981 noch einmal zusammen.

  2. The Glitter Band are a glam rock band from England, who initially worked as Gary Glitter 's backing band under that name from 1973, when they then began releasing records of their own. They were unofficially known as the Glittermen on the first four hit singles by Gary Glitter from 1972 to 1973. [1]

  3. The Glitter Band - The Tears I Cried - 1975 The Glitter Band - The Tears I Cried

  4. 10. Nov. 2017 · The Glitter Band - Live In Germany : FULL CONCERT 26/5/1990

  5. Profile: Named for their association with glam idol Gary Glitter, The Glitter Band originally came together in 1972, following Glitter's own breakthrough with the hit "Rock and Roll". Sites: , , Wikipedia , Imdb. Aliases: Air Traffic Control.

  6. 8. Jan. 2016 · Listen to the studio version of Angel Face, a classic glam rock song by the Glitter Band, and enjoy the catchy melody and lyrics.

  7. 15. Nov. 2019 · Nov 15, 2019 | Back Beat. By Ian Woolley. All that glitters isn’t always gold… The Glitter Band. An aphorism means that not everything that is precious or true turns out to be so. For the Glitter Band, this was to prove very ironic. Originally, they started as the Mike Leander Showband back in 1965, when they backed a lot of artists on tour.