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  1. American Jews or Jewish Americans are American citizens who are Jewish, whether by culture, ethnicity, or religion. According to a 2020 poll conducted by Pew Research , approximately two thirds of American Jews identify as Ashkenazi , 3% identify as Sephardic , and 1% identify as Mizrahi .

  2. THE JEWISH AMERICANS is a three-night documentary on PBS that explores 350 years of Jewish American history. Access clips and outtakes from THE JEWISH AMERICANS. Exclusive Outtakes!

  3. During World War II, 500,000 American Jews, about half of all Jewish males between 18 and 50, enlisted for service, and after the war, Jewish families joined the new trend of suburbanization, as they became wealthier and more mobile.

  4. Pew Research Center estimates that as of 2020, 2.4% of U.S. adults are Jewish, including 1.7% who identify with the Jewish religion and 0.6% who are Jews of no religion. By comparison, the 2013 estimate for “net Jews” was 2.2%, including 1.8% who were Jews by religion and 0.5% who were Jews of no religion.

  5. In Pew Research Center’s first major survey of U.S. Jews in 2013, by comparison, the estimate was 2.2%. In absolute numbers, the 2020 Jewish population estimate is approximately 7.5 million, including 5.8 million adults and 1.8 million children (rounded to the closest 100,000).

  6. There’s no Jewish American consensus about the conflict in Israel and Gaza. Attitudes toward Israel were already changing. The unfolding violence is making it even more complicated. By Marin ...

  7. In 1654, 23 Jews arrived in New Amsterdam, then a Dutch-owned colony that later became New York. Forced to flee to this new land, this small group found themselves in a place where there was no...