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  1. 8. Sept. 2022 · Eine neue ARTE Dokumentation »Buddhismus: Missbrauch im Namen der Erleuchtung« von Elodie Emery und Wandrille Lanos (Frankreich, 2022), widmet sich dem Machtmissbrauch und sexualisierter Gewalt im Tibetischen Buddhismus. Überblick Das Leid von Missbrauchsopfern Eine Einordnung Der Bruch in der Dokumentation Zurück zum Hauptthema ...

  2. Par Matthieu Ricard le 13 September 2022. The recently aired documentary, “Buddhism: The Law of Silence,” examines the alleged system abuses of Sogyal and the crimes committed in the 80s and 90s by the so-called Buddhist master Robert Spatz. These abuses and the suffering they caused, often to very young victims, are indeed abhorrent.

  3. 26. Feb. 2020 · Storyline. In 1990 a massacre ended the dream of peace for the small rural community of La India. Three local leaders and a young journalist are murdered, shot at close range in a crowded restaurant. A crime for all to witness.

  4. 25. Sept. 2022 · This film cuts straight to the heart of the problem, that not only are these cases of abuse in Buddhism not isolated, but abuse is enabled by the system. Tibetan Lamas endorse each other but refuse to withdraw endorsement even after gross abuse is exposed. It would undercut their absolute authority.

  5. Hella loves her job as a housekeeper in an elegant grand hotel in Hamburg. But all of a sudden, Hella's stable world of work is shaken up: she observes her colleague being sexually harassed by a supervisor. Without hesitation, she agrees to testify on the maid's behalf - and gets caught up in a perf

  6. 6. Sept. 2022 · Bouddhisme, la loi du silence: Directed by Elodie Emery, Wandrille Lanos. With Ricardo Mendes, Sebastian Mirow, Martine Batchelor, Stephen Batchelor. Sexual abuses, mental manipulation and embezzlement: Tibetan Buddhism is shaken by serious scandals. An in-depth account that lifts the veil on the unspiritual underbelly of a religion ...

  7. 2. Aug. 2021 · Montag, 2. August 2021 Inhalt / Kritik Credits Bilder Trailer Kaufen / Streamen „Bay of Silence – Am Ende des Schweigens“ // Deutschland-Start: 5. August 2021 (DVD/Blu-ray) Eigentlich führen Rosalind ( Olga Kurylenko) und Will ( Claes Bang) ein ziemlich gutes Leben.