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  1. The purpose of our symposium was to review, in historical perspective, the current horizons of the major conceptual structures of the physics of this century. Professors Abdus Salam and Hendrik Casimir, in their remarks at the opening of the symposium, have referred to its origin and planning.

  2. The physicist's conception of nature. by. Heisenberg, Werner, 1901-1976. Publication date. 1958. Topics. Science -- Philosophy. Publisher. London : Hutchinson.

  3. Werner Karl Heisenberg ( pronounced [ˈvɛʁnɐ kaʁl ˈhaɪzn̩bɛʁk] i; 5 December 1901 – 1 February 1976) [2] was a German theoretical physicist and one of the main pioneers of the theory of quantum mechanics. He published his work in 1925 in a major breakthrough paper.

  4. 6. Dez. 2012 · The Physicist's Conception of Nature. Jagdish Mehra. Springer, Dec 6, 2012 - Science - 839 pages. The fundamental conceptions of twentieth-century physics have profoundly influenced almost...

  5. In The Physicist's Conception of Nature Heisenberg sets out historical sources, in the form of quotations from the writings of Kepler, Galileo, Newton, Huygens, Gassendi, Boyle, Descartes, D'Alembert, De la Mettrie, Ostwald, Hertz, and De Broglie. He has chosen these excerpts in order to extract "the conceptual es-sence of modern physical ...

  6. 14. März 2022 · The physicist's conception of nature. Translated by Arnold J. Pomerans. New York: Harcourt, Brace and Company. 192 pp. | Philosophy of Science | Cambridge Core Home > Journals > Philosophy of Science > Volume 26 Issue 4 > Werner Heisenberg. The physicist's conception of nature.... English Français Philosophy of Science Article contents Abstract

  7. (PDF) Werner Heisenberg: The Physicist's Conception of Nature Home Bioecology River Ecology Biological Science Amazon Werner Heisenberg: The Physicist's Conception of Nature June 2017 DOI:...