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  1. The Sons of Champlin sind eine US-amerikanische Rockband, die Mitte der 1960er gegründet wurde und heute noch besteht. [1] Inhaltsverzeichnis. 1 Geschichte. 2 Diskografie. 2.1 Studioalben. 2.2 Live-Alben. 2.3 Kompilationen. 3 Weblinks. 4 Einzelnachweise. Geschichte. The Sons of Champlin.

  2. The Sons of Champlin are an American rock band, from Marin County, California, in the San Francisco Bay Area, formed in 1965. [2] [3] [4] [5] They are fronted by vocalist-keyboardist-guitarist Bill Champlin, who, after leaving the group in 1977, joined the rock band Chicago from 1981 to 2009, reforming the Sons of Champlin in 1997.

  3. BILLCHAMPLIN.COM. The Sons of Champlin started in 1965 in Marin County, California, rising from the wreckage of the Opposite Six, a locally popular R&B band from the pre-Beatle era. “Six” members, Bill Champlin and Tim Cain, added Terry Haggerty and the first of a series of drummers and bass players. The new band was named for the “front ...

  4. The Sons of Champlin is an American rock band, formed in the late 1960s and hailing from the San Francisco-Bay area. They are fronted by vocalist/keyboardist/guitarist Bill Champlin, who was also a member of the rock band Chicago (2) . Years active.

  5. Read Full Biography. STREAM OR BUY: Active. 1960s - 2020s. Formed. 1965 in San Francisco, CA. Genre. Pop/Rock. Styles. Psychedelic/Garage, Rock & Roll, Album Rock. Group Members. Bill Champlin, Geoffrey Palmer, James Preston, Terry Haggerty, Al Strong, Bill Bowen, David Schallock. Album Highlights. Full Discography. Advanced Search. Remove Ads.

  6. The Sons of Champlin - Freedom / Get High - 12/1/1973 - Winterland - YouTube. Blues Rock on MV. 9.72K subscribers. Subscribed. 100. 5.3K views 2 years ago. Recorded 12/1/1973 - Winterland...

  7. The Sons of Champlin - Freedom - 8/16/1968 - San Francisco - YouTube. Blues Rock on MV. 10K subscribers. Subscribed. 110. 5.5K views 2 years ago. Recorded 8/16/1968 - San Francisco (San...