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  1. 4. Dez. 2023 · Much of the world’s plastic waste – from large items down to barely visible microplastic particles – ends up in the ocean, where it can persist for hundreds of years. Here it has negative effects on marine life of all kinds, and ultimately causes harm to humans too.

  2. 6. Dez. 2023 · In the 1960s, plastics helped the space race and DuPont promoted plastic fabrics as the clothing of the future. It was also around this time that scientists first found traces of plastic in the sea and the consequences of the mismanagement of plastic became increasingly apparent as the decades passed.

  3. 7. Dez. 2023 · John Wesley Hyatt came up with the invention of the first synthetic polymer in 1869, propelled by a $10,000 incentive offered by a New York company seeking an ivory substitute. The increasing demand for billiard balls had led to a depletion of natural ivory, which was procured by hunting wild elephants.

  4. 5. Dez. 2023 · 1. More conscious use of plastics . In the beginning, we enthusiastically used plastics everywhere. That's different today. Although the aimless avoidance of plastics is not a solution - as I recently showed using the example of film packaging for cucumbers - a more conscious use of plastics is important .

  5. 8. Dez. 2023 · As a young boy playing along the beaches of Vancouver Island, David Katz was stunned at the amount of plastic waste washing ashore. This image of marine plastic pollution left an imprint on his memory and sparked a desire to address the issue and make a meaningful difference.

  6. 4. Dez. 2023 · EU agrees to ban exports of waste plastic to poor countries Published: 17 Nov 2023 Kmart Group urged to join industry textile recycling scheme or face regulation, government says

  7. 8. Dez. 2023 · An international team of experts undertaking fundamental research has developed a way of using polyethylene waste (PE) as a feedstock and converted it into valuable chemicals, via light-driven...