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  1. Storybook Squares was the name given to a special series of episodes of the NBC game show Hollywood Squares. [1] [2] [3] The series featured celebrities dressed up as famous people and characters from history and various forms of media. [4] Peter Marshall served as host of these episodes.

    • 16 (1969 version), 30 (1976–1977 version)
    • NBC
  2. 1969: The Storybook Squares (Fernsehserie) 1971: Amateur’s Guide to Love (Fernsehfilm) 1972: Runaround (Fernsehserie) 1972: Gambit (Fernsehserie) 1973: Baffle (Fernsehserie) 1974: High Rollers (Fernsehserie) 1975: The Magnificent Marble Machine (Fernsehserie) 1976: The Hot Seat (Fernsehserie) 1982: Fantasy (Fernsehserie)

  3. 6. Jan. 2017 · 2.5K views 6 years ago. This classic game show is from 1969 and it is a kids version of the Hollywood Squares but it is called the Storybook Squares hosted by Peter Marshall and announcer...

    • 23 Min.
    • 2,9K
    • Ron Rondon
  4. Storybook Squares pitted two young contestants against each other in a game of celebrity tic-tac-toe. Nine television and movie personalities were lined up in the familiar three-by-three grid, but in Storybook Squares, each was dressed like a famous character from TV, literature or history.

  5. Overview. Storybook Squares is a short-lived Saturday morning version of Hollywood Squares for children. The primary difference, apart from having children as contestants, was that it featured celebrities in costume as well-known fictional characters and some as historical figures. As with the adult version, Peter Marshall was host and Kenny ...

  6. Serie (Kids): "Storybook Squares", aus dem Jahr 1969. Informationen, Episoden und Staffeln, Schauspieler:innen und mehr.

  7. Originaltitel: Storybook Squares. Genre: Familie. Jahr: 1969. Land: Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika. Sprache: englisch. Premiere: 04.01.1969. Anzahl der Staffeln: 1. Anzahl der Episoden: 1. Darsteller: Peter Marshall. Externe Links: IMDb