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  1. Vor 21 Stunden · At the conclusion of their tour with the Supremes, the Lovin' Spoonful departed directly for Los Angeles, having been invited by Phil Spector to appear in the concert film The Big T.N.T. Show. After filming on 29–30 November, [128] the band remained in Los Angeles to do several weeks of a residency at the Trip, a short-lived nightclub on Sunset Boulevard . [127]

  2. Vor 21 Stunden · The Spice Girls (here in 2008) are the best-selling girl group in history. [1] [2] A girl group is a popular music act featuring several female singers who generally harmonize together. Girl groups have been popular at least since the heyday of the Boswell Sisters beginning in the 1930s, but the term "girl group" also denotes the wave of ...

  3. Vor 21 Stunden · JOHNNY LIGHTNINGから、SURF RODSの「Surfin' Supremes」です。 "THING"こと、VOLKSWAGENのTYPE 181です。 ボディカラーはホワイト、バンパーやフェンダーはパープル、内装もホワイトです。 ウインドウレススタイルで、 こちらのブログもよろしくお願いします。

  4. Vor 21 Stunden · Before adding a comment, please take a minute to review our posting rules and our legal/privacy policy. By commenting, you agree to these terms. You might also want to take a look at our FAQ.