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  1. Vor 4 Tagen · Oscar Micheaux is considered the first major African-American feature filmmaker. He made his first film in 1919 and (44 films later) his last in 1948. Maria P. Williams is considered the first Black woman film producer for the 5-reel silent drama based on her own screenplay for Flames of Wrath in 1923.

  2. 15. Juni 2024 · The Woman in Black. Theatre. Prepare for the most spine-chilling ghost encounter of the year. Susan Hill’s acclaimed gothic horror tale hasn’t gone dull with age, surviving through Stephen Mallatratt’s remarkable adaptation, which has lived on London’s West End for over 30 years.

  3. 5. Juli 2024 · Im Mai 1944 schickt der britische Geheimdienst fünf Untergrundkämpferinnen ins besetzte Frankreich. Ihre Mission: die Befreiung eines britischen Geologen. Doch ein brutaler SS-Offizier kommt den Frauen auf die Schliche.

  4. 27. Juni 2024 · The Woman in Black has been chilling and thrilling audiences in equal measure for over 30 years. Based on Susan Hill’s classic ghost story, Stephen Mallatratt’s stage adaptation relies on all the power of pure theatre to weave its spell.

  5. 16. Juni 2024 · Director: James Watkins. Release Date: 10/02/2012; 31/10/2014 (selected cinemas) Running Time: 93mins. Country: UK. Year: 2011. London solicitor Arthur Kipps is haunted by the death of his wife Stella during child birth, and he seeks refuge in his love for their three-year-old boy, Joseph.

  6. 15. Juni 2024 · As a lawyer, young Kipps travels to a fictitious village on the northeast coast of England, known as Crythin Gifford – marsh country – to sort out Mrs Drablow’s affairs. With so many private papers to go through, the task proves onerous, but that’s not the half of it.

  7. 15. Juni 2024 · On a barren stage in a Victorian theatre, a tired older gentleman named Arthur Kipps (John Waters) has a story to tell. He has approached a young actor (Daniel MacPherson) to assist with presenting his lengthy manuscript in a more palatable fashion.