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  1. Thomas Hawley Tuberville ist ein republikanischer US-amerikanischer Politiker und ehemaliger American-Football-Trainer. Tuberville war als Head Coach im Collegebereich unter anderem jahrelang für die Auburn University tätig. Seit dem 3. Januar 2021 vertritt er den Bundesstaat Alabama im US-Senat.

  2. Thomas Hawley Tuberville ( / ˈtʌbərvɪl /; [1] born September 18, 1954) is an American politician and retired college football coach who is the senior United States senator from Alabama, a seat he has held since 2021. Before entering politics, Tuberville was the head football coach at Auburn University from 1999 to 2008.

  3. Coach Tuberville was born in Camden, Arkansas on September 18, 1954, the third of three children of Olive and Charles Tuberville. College Football's 2004 Coach of the Year and two-time SEC Coach of the Year, Tommy Tuberville is most often recognized for his success on the field.

  4. Email Coach Tuberville. Sign Up for My E-Newsletter. About Coach. Coach’s Bio. Committee Assignments. Services. Help with a Federal Agency. NDAA Request Form. FY 2024 CDS Request Submissions.

  5. 9. Aug. 2023 · Niemand in Amerika, der der Armee nahesteht, kann seinen Ärger darüber verbergen, welch böses Spiel hier der Senator Tommy Tuberville veranstaltet. Seit Februar blockiert der 68-Jährige alle...

  6. 5. Dez. 2023 · Senator Tommy Tuberville, Republican of Alabama, on Tuesday lifted his blockade of nearly all the military promotions he had delayed for almost a year in protest of a Pentagon policy ensuring...

  7. 19. Okt. 2021 · What is Tommy Tuberville doing here? The college football coach turned U.S. senator objected to Biden’s victory on Jan. 6. He’s not looking back. “I have no regrets,” he says. By Ben Terris....