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  1. Twitch is an American video live streaming service that focuses on video game live streaming, including broadcasts of esports competitions, in addition to offering music broadcasts, creative content, and "in real life" streams. Twitch is operated by Twitch Interactive, a subsidiary of, Inc.

  2. Premise. Inspired by another Twitch-based interactive game, Salty Bet (a website where users could wager on the outcome of randomized M.U.G.E.N. matches) and described as a social experiment, the system used by the stream was coded by an anonymous Australian programmer, colloquially known as the "Streamer", consisting of an IRC bot written in Python and the Game Boy emulator VisualBoyAdvance.

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    Twitch (service), an Amazon subsidiary live streaming video website; Twitch, a 2005 short directed by Leah Meyerhoff; Screen Anarchy, formerly Twitch Film or Twitch, a film news and review website; Maximilian "Twitch" Williams, a character in the comic series Sam and Twitch

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    Twitch est un service de streaming vidéo en direct et de VAD lancé en juin 2011 et exploité par Twitch Interactive. Le site a commencé avec la diffusion en direct de jeux vidéo - y compris de compétitions d' e-sport - avant de se diversifier avec d'autres contenus — notamment musicaux et discussion — depuis la fin des années 2010.

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    Geografie. Florenz liegt am Arno, der durch die Altstadt fließt, und am Mugnone, der von Norden kommend westlich der Altstadt in den Arno mündet.Von Süden kommend tritt der Ema dem Greve bei Galluzzo zu, zusammen münden sie danach im Stadtgebiet von Florenz im Arno.

  6. This list contains the top fifty channels with the most followers on the live streaming social platform Twitch. As of November 2022, the most-followed channel belongs to Ninja with over 18.4 million followers. The female streamer with the most followers on her channel is Pokimane with just over half of Ninja's followers at 9.3 million.

  7. Twitch is a livestreaming video platform owned by Twitch Interactive, a subsidiary of Amazon. Introduced in June 2011 as a spin-off of the general-interest streaming platform, , the site primarily focuses on video game livestreaming , including broadcasts of eSports competitions, in addition to music [12] broadcasts, creative content, and more recently, " in real life " streams.