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  1. Army War College Homepage

  2. The United States Army War College (USAWC) is a U.S. Army educational institution in Carlisle, Pennsylvania, on the 500-acre (2 km 2) campus of the historic Carlisle Barracks. It provides graduate-level instruction to senior military officers and civilians to prepare them for senior leadership assignments and responsibilities. [3]

  3. Das United States Army War College (USAWC) ist eine höhere Bildungseinrichtung der US Army. Das College befindet sich in Carlisle, Pennsylvania, auf dem historischen Gelände der Carlisle Barracks, einem Stützpunkt, dessen Geschichte bis in die 1770er Jahre zurückreicht.

  4. Welcome to the United States Army War College resident class of 2025. Your academic journey to Military Education Level I, a master's degree in strategic studies, and Joint Professional Military Education - Level II certification is guided by the Army War College's School of Strategic Landpower.

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    The US Army War College educates and develops leaders for service at the strategic level while advancing knowledge in the global application of Landpower.

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    The US Army War College's 10-month curriculum educates senior military and civilian leaders so they can lead at the strategic level and advance knowledge of the global application of Landpower. These graduates, who earn a Masters of Strategic Studies, are skilled problem solvers.

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    The Army War College was created as a solution to the military failings uncovered during the Spanish-American War. On 27 November 1901, Secretary of War, Elihu Root established the Army General Staff and the Army War College to train staff officers by General Order 155.