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  1. Complutense University is One of the 100 Best Universities in the World. Learn all about Complutense Sport Programme. The UCM is a university with a long history and broad social recognition.

  2. Die Universität Complutense Madrid (spanisch Universidad Complutense de Madrid) ist eine Universität in der spanischen Hauptstadt Madrid. Sie ist die größte Präsenzuniversität Spaniens. Ursprünglich im Jahr 1499 in Alcalá de Henares gegründet , wurde sie 1836 nach Madrid verlegt.

  3. UCM ONLINE PERFIL DEL CONTRATANTE BIBLIOTECA CAMPUS VIRTUAL La mayor universidad presencial de España, con la mejor oferta educativa. En Madrid, rodeada de zonas verdes y con una intensa vida cultural y deportiva.

  4. Study Programmes. Undergraduate Programmes. Master's Programmes. International Degree Programmes. PhD Programmes. Undergraduate and Postgraduate Studies Leaflet. At Complutense, students gain access to an array of facilities and library resources while working to obtain a degree from a world renowned university.

  5. The Complutense University of Madrid (Spanish: Universidad Complutense de Madrid; UCM, Universidad de Madrid, Universidad Central de Madrid; Latin: Universitas Complutensis Matritensis) is a public research university located in Madrid.

  6. Faculties and Departments. Faculties. Departments. Associated Centres (CEES) Research Institutes. Halls of Residence. Specialization Schools. Research Assistance Centres. Teaching Hospitals.

  7. International UCM develops a large number of activities of international cooperation, such as conventions, European programs, and projects that allow the exchange of students, teachers, researchers, and administration personnel with universities from around the world.