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  1. Sito principale dellAteneo con informazioni e notizie su offerta didattica, vita universitaria e servizi dedicati a studenti, docenti e personale.

  2. Die Universität Neapel Federico II ist eine staatliche Universität in Neapel. Mit ungefähr 75.000 Studierenden und 5300 Angestellten ist sie eine der größten Hochschulen in Italien.

  3. The University of Naples Federico II has over 2000 agreements with foreign universities. See the map to find out which universities are involved.

  4. The students in this page can find courses entirely taught in English and the necessary admission requisites. The icons clearly indicate those courses where a Laurea, BSc or an equivalent title is required.

  5. The university of Naples Federico II was founded by the king of Sicily and Holy Roman Emperor Frederick II on 5 June 1224. It is the world's oldest state-supported institution of higher education and research. One of the most famous students was Roman Catholic theologian and philosopher Thomas Aquinas . Fouding: Political project of Frederick II.

  6. 5. Juni 2022 · Die Universität von Neapel ist die älteste öffentliche Universität der Welt. Am 5. Juni 1224 von Friedrich II. von Schwaben gegründet, ist sie heute 798 Jahre alt.

  7. On behalf of the entire community of the University of Naples Federico II, one of the oldest and largest universities in the world, I am pleased to welcome you. This website aims at providing you with an attractive insight into who we are and what we can offer in terms of higher education and research training.