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  1. Homepage Università degli Studi di Roma Tor Vergata. Economics. Law. Engineering. Humanities. Medicine and surgery. MATHEMATHICS PHYSICS AND NATURAL SCIENCES.

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      Italian University System . Information on how the Italian...

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      About . Information on Tor Vergata University of Rome....

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      Academics . The academics section is where you will find...

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      At national level, the University of Rome “Tor Vergata” is...

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      Moreover, at the University of Rome Tor Vergata being active...

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      Università degli studi di Roma Tor Vergata Via Cracovia n.50...

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  2. Homepage Università degli Studi di Roma Tor Vergata ITA | ENG Ateneo Didattica Ricerca Imprese e territorio Amministrazione Internazionale Vivi Tor Vergata Economia Giurisprudenza Ingegneria Lettere e Filosofia medicina e chirurgia scienze matematiche fisiche e naturali I numeri di Tor Vergata 112 Corsi di laurea 140

  3. Mit ihrem Sitz im gleichnamigen Bezirk Tor Vergata im Südosten Roms beherbergt die 1982 gegründete Universität über 27.000 Studierende und mehr als 1.800 Lehrer, Dozenten und Professoren in sechs Fachbereichen: Economia – Wirtschaftswissenschaft (Via Columbia 2) Ingegneria – Ingenieurwissenschaft (Via del Politecnico 1)

    • 1982
    • staatlich
    • How to Apply
    • Application - Assessment
    • Requirements and Procedures

    In order to apply to Tor Vergata University of Rome, there are 3 main steps you need to take to submit your application. First: choosewhich course you want to apply for. Note that procedures, deadlines and requirements may vary depending on programme/course. Please visit the link below for info on programmes and courses: LIST OF COURSES

    EU / Non-EU students with International Qualification If you are an EU or a non-EU student with an international qualification and you wish to apply to a Bachelor's or Master's degree program at Tor Vergata University of Rome, you can proceed with an online application. The procedure is reported at point 2a and requires you to: 1. Upload the requir...

    More precise and detailed information is published on the ministerial website at the page: In order to finalise the enrollment, your final qualification will have to be accompanied either by a Statement of Comparability issued by the CIMEA (Centro di Informazione sulla Mobilità e le Equivalenze accademiche - ...

  4. Informazioni su: incontri, convegni, conferenze e seminari organizzati dall'Università degli Studi di Roma Tor Vergata, ed inoltre: stagione concertistica, Coro di Ateneo Claudio Casini, Attività Culturali, stagione teatrale del Teatro Tor Bella Monaca, servizi sportivi, attività culturali studentesche.

  5. Die Universität „Tor Vergata“, vor allem die wirtsc haftswissenschaftliche Fakultät, soll nach Padova und Trento, die drittbeste in Italien sein. Das sagen dir auch die italienischen Studenten, die diese besuchen, wenn man sie fragt, wieso sie hier studieren und nicht an der „Sapienza“ oder „Roma Tre“. Tor Vergata liegt nämli ch ...

  1. A Pioneer in Distance Learning for Over 25 Years. Contact an Enrollment Specialist Today! Complete a Degree Around Your Work, Life, and Family Schedule.