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  1. Rekrutacja na studia 2024/2025. 6 czerwca rozpoczyna się na Uniwersytecie Warszawskim rekrutacja na studia. Zapisy odbywają się w systemie Internetowej Rejestracji Kandydatów. Przed rozpoczęciem rejestracji publikujemy cykl artykułów o możliwościach, jakie daje swoim studentom Uniwersytet Warszawski.

  2. The University of Warsaw coordinates the “4EU+ for Ukraine” project again. Thanks to the project, educational and development activities complementary to the 4EU+ initiatives are being implemented. The conference “European Narratives and Identity: Ukraine – A New Perspective” is one of them. The event will take place on 25th-26th June ...

  3. Die Universität Warschau ist eine staatliche Universität in der polnischen Hauptstadt Warschau und mit knapp 50.000 Studenten die größte Hochschule in Polen.

  4. Ecology and Biotechnology, run by the University of Warsaw at the Faculty of Biology, were classified in this year's Shanghai Ranking of scientific fields. Ecology was ranked 201-300, and biotechnology - 301-400 among 500 listed entities.

  5. The University of Warsaw provides over 100 programmes of 1 st, 2 nd and long cycle (uniform) Master’s studies in humanities, social sciences, exact and natural sciences, including programmes taught in English and programmes conducted jointly with international universities. Our teaching staff includes many experienced and recognised lecturers.

  6. Erasmus / Exchange / Visiting Students. The University of Warsaw offers people from abroad both degree programmes (2, 3 and 5-year programmes) and short-term programmes, e.g. lasting one semester or one year. The offer of short stays is directed also to academic teachers and university administration staff. Some programmes are aimed at selected ...

  7. After Poland regained its independence in 1918, the University of Warsaw began to grow very quickly. It was reformed; all the important posts (the rector, senate, deans and councils) became democratically elected, and the state spent considerable amounts of money to modernize and equip it.