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    Dick Haymes Comes Home! (1973) Selected CD compilations (2016) Dick Haymes You'll Never Know His 53 Finest 2 CDset (Retrospective) (1990) Richard the Lion-Hearted – Dick Haymes that is! (1990) re-issue of the vinyl album; Imagination (1992) The Very Best of Dick Haymes, Vol. 1 (1997) The Very Best of Dick Haymes, Vol. 2 (1997)

  2. When Hayworth and Dick Haymes first met, he was still married and his singing career was waning. When she showed up at the clubs, he got a larger audience. Haymes was desperate for money because two of his former wives were taking legal action against him for unpaid child support. His financial problems were so bad, he could not return to California without being arrested.

  3. Critics like Noel Castree focus on the relationship between neoliberalism and the biophysical environment explain that critics of neoliberals see the free market as the best way to mediate the relationship between producers and consumers, as well as maximize freedom in a more general sense which they view as inherently good. Castree also asserts that the assumption that markets will allow for ...

  4. Há boatos que Mario Puzo, autor do best-seller "O Chefão", se inspirou em Sinatra para criar um personagem, Johnny Fontane, um cantor que é protegido pela máfia, e que pede ajuda a Corleone para se livrar do contrato com o líder de banda Halley. O "Padrinho" manda homens para ir atrás do maestro Halley. No final, tudo se resultou a uma ameaça de morte. Dizem também que Sinatra até o ...

  5. American singer Bing Crosby has released 71 studio albums, 83 compilation albums and 409 singles over the course of his career. Crosby is one of the world's best-selling music artists, having sold more than 200 million records as of 1960 according to different sources his sales could be 300 million, or even 500 million records, tapes, compact discs and digital downloads globally.

  6. This was only the third time that Best Original Song nominees were not performed (the others were in 1989 and 2010). At the 85th Academy Awards , only three of the five nominees were performed, with the eventual winner, the theme from Skyfall , being the only one performed separately on its own as opposed to being part of a musical montage sequence by Adele .

  7. Return to Paradise Islands (1964) America, I Hear You Singing (1964) Robin and the 7 Hoods (1964)