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  1. Vor 2 Tagen · Vic Morrow kam bei einem Hubschrauberunfall während der Dreharbeiten zu "Unheimliche Schattenlichter" (1983) ums Leben. Die beiden Kinderdarsteller, die Morrow bei den Dreharbeiten retten sollte ...

  2. 12. Mai 2024 · On July 23, 1982, during the shooting of a Vietnam War scene in Twilight Zone: The Movie's segment "Time Out," a low-flying helicopter hovered above actor Morrow as he carried two illegally hired...

  3. 7. Mai 2024 · Tribute to the actor Vic Morrow. Enjoy it. Music from the movie "42" composed by Mark Isham. If you want a video about your favorite actor or actress, just ask me for it.

  4. Vor einem Tag · Rondell's accident occurred in 1985, but three years earlier, veteran actor Vic Morrow, best known for his role in 1976's The Bad News Bears, also died in a horrific helicopter incident, although ...

  5. 30. Apr. 2024 · In welchen Filmen haben Zohra Lampert und Vic Morrow zusammen gespielt? Bisher erschien nur 1 Film (im Jahr 2008), mit den beiden Schauspielern Vic Morrow und Zohra Lampert. Aktuell beschränkt sich das Miteinander der beiden Schauspieler auf das Genre 'Western'.

  6. 21. Mai 2024 · Vic Morrow. Silver Screen Collection/Getty Images. Vic Morrow was already an established actor when he appeared in "Twilight Zone: The Movie," and what should have been just one part in a pretty lackluster film ended up being one of the most notorious events in film history.

  7. 8. Mai 2024 · L' attore Vic Morrow in una scena tratta dal film "Ai confini della realta'" (1983) - episodio diretto da John Landis e dove l' artista trovo' la morte.