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    The viol ( / ˈvaɪəl / ), [1] viola da gamba [a] ( Italian: [ˈvjɔːla da (ɡ)ˈɡamba] ), or informally gamba, is any one of a family of bowed, fretted, and stringed instruments with hollow wooden bodies and pegboxes where the tension on the strings can be increased or decreased to adjust the pitch of each of the strings.

    • Viola da gamba; gamba (informal)
    • 321.322-71, (Composite chordophone sounded by a bow)
    • Late 15th century from the vihuela
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  3. viol, also called viola da gamba, bowed, stringed musical instrument used principally in chamber music of the 16th to the 18th century. The viol shares with the Renaissance lute the tuning of its six strings (two fourths, a major third, two fourths) and the gut frets on its neck. It was made in three sizes: treble, tenor, and bass, with the bottom string tuned, respectively, to d, G (or A), and D. To these sizes was later added the violone, a double bass viol often tuned an octave below the ...

    • The Editors of Encyclopaedia Britannica
  4. The viols were used so much by court musicians throughout Europe, that it was explained that the viol was played by genlemen, merchants and other men of virture, while the violin was played in the streets to accompany dances or to lead wedding processions. The instrument was introduced to the English court of Henry VIII by Italian and Flemish players and soon became popular with amateurs as well as court musicians. Like madrigal singing, viol playing had become part of music-maiking in the ...

  5. The meaning of VIOL is a bowed stringed instrument chiefly of the 16th and 17th centuries made in treble, alto, tenor, and bass sizes and distinguished from members of the violin family especially in having a deep body, a flat back, sloping shoulders, usually six strings, a fretted fingerboard, and a low-arched bridge.

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