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  1. Waiting for Fidel is a Canadian documentary by Michael Rubbo and starring director Rubbo, former Premier of Newfoundland and Labrador Joey Smallwood and Newfoundland media mogul Geoff Stirling. It depicts Rubbo, Smallwood, and Stirling's unsuccessful attempt to interview Cuban leader Fidel Castro .

  2. WAITING FOR FIDEL Michael Rubbo Kanada 1974 58 min V'07 Eine dreiköpfige Filmdelegation reist nach Kuba, um dort ein Interview mit Fidel Castro zu führen.

  3. Waiting for Fidel. The New York Times says, "Christopher Hunt makes a lively travel companion." This time he has set his sights on Cuba, where crumbling but elegant facades overlook shady street activities, where vintage Ford Fairlanes rumble past Soviet Ladas in the fast lanes of eerily deserted boulevards, and where an aging Fidel Castro is ...

  4. The legendary media mogul, Geoffrey W. Stirling and Newfoundland's Father of Confederation, Mr. Joseph R. Smallwood, go to Cuba to meet with Fidel Castro. Unfortunately, the intended meeting does not occur. Director Michael Rubbo does a wonderful job of carving out a film where others would probably just move on and never look back. This, of course, has everything to do with Mr. Stirling's media influence and thus we are left with a brilliant piece of history and a window into Cuba and its ...

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  5. This feature-length documentary from 1974 takes viewers inside Fidel Castro's Cuba. A movie-making threesome hope that Fidel himself will star in their film. The unusual crew consists of former Newfoundland premier Joseph Smallwood, radio and TV owner Geoff Stirling and NFB film director Michael Rubbo. What happens while the crew awaits its star shows a good deal of the new Cuba, and also of the three Canadians who chose to film the island.

  6. Waiting for Fidel Photos View All Photos (5) Movie Info When Fidel Castro fails to appear for a scheduled interview, three movie-makers salvage their project by filming post-revolutionary Cuba....

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