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  1. Vor 3 Tagen · Martin Heidegger ( / ˈhaɪdɛɡər, ˈhaɪdɪɡər /; [1] German: [ˈmaʁtiːn ˈhaɪdɛɡɐ]; [1] 26 September 1889 – 26 May 1976) was a German philosopher who is best known for contributions to phenomenology, hermeneutics, and existentialism. He is often considered to be among the most important and influential philosophers of the 20th ...

    • Elfride Petri (m. 1917)
    • Arthur Schneider (PhD advisor), Heinrich Rickert (Dr. phil. hab. advisor)
  2. Vor 3 Tagen · Martin Heidegger (1960) Martin Heidegger (* 26.September 1889 in Meßkirch; † 26. Mai 1976 in Freiburg im Breisgau) war ein deutscher Philosoph.Er stand in der Tradition der Phänomenologie vornehmlich Edmund Husserls, der Lebensphilosophie insbesondere Wilhelm Diltheys sowie der Existenzdeutung Søren Kierkegaards, die er in einer neuen Ontologie überwinden wollte.

  3. 29. März 2024 · philosophy, (from Greek, by way of Latin, philosophia, “love of wisdom”) the rational, abstract, and methodical consideration of reality as a whole or of fundamental dimensions of human existence and experience. Philosophical inquiry is a central element in the intellectual history of many civilizations.

    • The Editors of Encyclopaedia Britannica
  4. Vor 4 Tagen · The first half of the book contains an extended rebuttal of what Camus took to be existentialist philosophy in the works of Kierkegaard, Shestov, Heidegger, and Jaspers. Simone de Beauvoir , an important existentialist who spent much of her life as Sartre's partner, wrote about feminist and existentialist ethics in her works, including The Second Sex and The Ethics of Ambiguity .

  5. 15. März 2024 · Edited by MARC Bot. import existing book. November 26, 2020. Edited by MARC Bot. import existing book. April 1, 2008. Created by an anonymous user. Imported from Scriblio MARC record . Einleitung in die Philosophie by Martin Heidegger, 1996, V. Klostermann edition, in German / Deutsch.

  6. 23. März 2024 · Heidegger’s philosophy is often used to advance somewhat fashionable political views and positions. Thus, they claim that his political beliefs and actions in favour of the Nazis and Nazi policy ...

  7. Vor 3 Tagen · From being-with and community to the phenomenon of world and the "play" of world, Heidegger covers a wide range of philosophical concepts with unprecedented clarity and profound insight. Introduction to Philosophy offer an encounter with a true master at work.