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  1. Sally discovers that her uncle's corpse is missing and that he may have been murdered. Sally is the sole heir after Aunt Maggie is strangled, and her cousin Eve ends up dead as well after finding a secret room. Dr. Benedict is revealed to have been behind the plot.

  2. Die Hochzeit wird verschoben, als ein Telegramm ihrer Tante Maggie aus Atlanta eintrifft , um Sally mitzuteilen, dass ihr Onkel Charlie gestorben ist. Sally wird nach Atlanta verfolgt, nachdem ein Anruf von Dr. Benedict Kirk vor Gefahren warnt, die auf Sally lauern, wenn sie dort ankommt.

  3. While Lloyd skulks about the house, Sally discovers that Maggie has been murdered. Kirk and Bob repair the telephone lines and summon Sheriff Gregory, coroner Dodson, and troopers Leroy and Curtis. Dodson announces that Maggie was strangled with a woman's stocking and begins an investigation. The next morning, Sally learns that the real John ...

  4. Aunt Maggie Ambler: Onslow Stevens ... Bob Dunbar: Joyce Compton ... Cynthia Lou: Walter Abel ... Dr. George Benedict: Mona Barrie ... Eve Benedict: Willie Best ... Andrew: Daisy Lee Mothershed ... Bessie: Milton Parsons ... Mr. Lloyd: Tom Dugan ... Trooper Leroy: William Haade

  5. Film details. Featuring. John Hubbard Wendy Barrie Edgar Kennedy. Director. Arthur Lubin. Country. USA. Year. 1940. Type. Film. Category. Fiction

  6. Maggie Ambler. Onslow Stevens. Bob Dunbar. Joyce Compton. Cynthia Lou. Walter Abel. Dr. George Benedict. Mona Barrie. Eve Benedict. Willie Best. Andrew. View More