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  1. e. The United Kingdom was a leading Allied Power during the First World War of 1914–1918. They fought against the Central Powers, mainly Germany. The armed forces were greatly expanded and reorganised—the war marked the founding of the Royal Air Force.

  2. Overview. World War I mobilization, 1 August 1914. The German population responded to the outbreak of war in 1914 with a complex mix of emotions, in a similar way to the populations in other countries of Europe; notions of universal enthusiasm known as the Spirit of 1914 have been challenged by more recent scholarship. [1]

  3. Russia during World War I – food shortages in the major urban centres, and poor morale due to lost battles and heavy losses sustained, brought about civil unrest which led to the February Revolution, the abdication of the Tsar, and the end of the Russian Empire. Russian Revolution (1917) – end of Imperial Russia. February Revolution –.

  4. World War I or the First World War (28 July 1914 – 11 November 1918) was a global conflict between two coalitions: the Allies and the Central Powers. Fighting took place throughout Europe, the Middle East, Africa, the Pacific, and parts of Asia.

  5. Segunda Guerra Mundial y período de entreguerras. [ editar datos en Wikidata] La Primera Guerra Mundial, también llamada la Gran Guerra, b fue un conflicto militar de carácter mundial, aunque centrado en Europa, que empezó el 28 de julio de 1914 y finalizó el 11 de noviembre de 1918, cuando Alemania aceptó las condiciones del armisticio .

  6. Germany entered into World War I on August 1, 1914, when it declared war on Russia. In accordance with its war plan, it ignored Russia and moved first against France –declaring war on August 3 and sending its main armies through Belgium to capture Paris from the north. The German invasion of Belgium caused Britain to declare war on Germany on ...

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    Lists. To its contemporaries, it was known simply as “the World War” or “the Great War,” because it was nearly impossible to imagine a conflict that would surpass the one that shattered Europe between July 28, 1914, and November 11, 1918. Combat and disease claimed the lives of more than 8 million fighting men, and 21 million more were ...