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    Britannien im 7. Jahrhundert. Wulfhere (auch Uulfhere, Uulfherus, Vulfhere, Wlfarius, Wlfharius, Wulfere, Uulfharius; † 675) war in den Jahren 658 bis zu seinem Tod König des angelsächsischen Königreiches Mercia. [1] Einige Historiker datieren seine Regierungszeit in die Jahre von 657 bis 674.

  2. Wulfhere or Wulfar (died 675) was King of Mercia from 658 until 675 AD. He was the first Christian king of all of Mercia, though it is not known when or how he converted from Anglo-Saxon paganism.

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  3. We are here to witness a battle between Uhtred, the Godless... and Leofric of Winchester!" —Wulfhere introducing the fight between Uhtred and Leofric [src] Wulfhere was a supporting character turned antagonist in both The Saxon Stories novel series, and The Last Kingdom television series.

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  4. Wulfhere (fl. AD 855-?877) was Ealdorman for Wiltshire, [a] when the Anglo-Saxon kingdoms, of England, were experiencing turbulent times. An invading Danish army had landed in East Anglia, in 865 and had conquered all of the English kingdoms apart from Wessex. The Danish king Guthrum was overrunning the kingdom of Wessex, with Alfred ...

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  5. 19. Apr. 2024 · king (657-674), Mercia. Wulfhere (died 675) was the king of the Mercians from 657, who made himself overlord of much of England south of the River Humber. He exercised control over Essex, London, Surrey, and the West Saxon lands, or Wessex, north of the Thames.

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  6. Watch my latest full length history documentary here:- video is about Wulfhere, who reigned as the King of the Anglo-Saxon Ki...

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  7. Wulfhere war König von Mercia von 658 bis 675. Er war der erste christliche König von Mercia und der Beginn seiner Herrschaft markierte das Ende der Oberherrschaft Northumbrias über Südengland. Nach dem Tod von Penda von Mercia in der Schlacht von Winwaed hatte Oswiu von Northumbria Autorität in…