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  1. 2022 Yonsei University Promotional Video - Finding the Answer. Watch on. Yonsei University located in Seoul, Korea is one of the best private universities in Korea, founded in 1885.

  2. Yonsei has 13 colleges and more than 90 undergraduate majors, including business, international studies, Korean language and literature, psychology, culture and media and creative technology management.

  3. Yonsei University ( Korean : 연세대학교; Hanja : 延世大學校) is a Christian private university in Seoul, South Korea. It is part of the SKY universities. The university was established in January 1957 through the union of Yonhi College (연희전문학교; 延禧專門學校) and Severance Union Medical College (세브란스 의과대학; 세브란스 醫科大學).

  4. Die Yonsei University ist eine private, christliche Eliteuniversität in Seoul, Südkorea. Die Universität ging aus einer im Jahr 1885 gegründeten Medizinschule hervor. In ihrer heutigen Form wurde die Yonsei University im Jahr 1957 durch die Fusion der zwei Hochschulen Yonhi University und Severance Medical College gegründet.

  5. Yonsei University's admissions programs are designed to accommodate the following school missions: First, to select talented students who can contribute to the Korean society as global leader with the spirit of truth and liberty. Second, to develop admissions policies and systems through which Yonsei can lead visions of higher education. Third ...

  6. 사진 1. (왼쪽부터) 문주호 교수, 윤주원 석박사통합과정생 (제 1 저자) 공과대학 신소재공학과 문주호 교수 연구팀은 페로브스카이트 광전극 표면 개질 공정을 진행한 뒤 물 분해 반응을 구동 시켜 태양광 기반 고효율 수소 생산 소자에 적용하였다. 광전극을 ...

  7. GSIS is Korea's leading professional graduate school of international studies. The dynamic and rigorous curriculum equips students with theoretical knowledge and practical skills necessary to excel globally, in the private and public sectors. Global MBA*