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  1. Explore music from Zany Zatovian. Shop for vinyl, CDs, and more from Zany Zatovian on Discogs.

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    Zolar X's founder was vocalist, composer, and pianist Stephen Della Bosca, who renamed himself "Ygarr Ygarrist" upon forming Zolar X. Ygarrist had previously played in San Francisco bands The Hedge and Bosca before moving to Los Angeles in 1972 with Bruce Courtois (Zany Zatovian).

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    15. Sept. 2017 · The Plutonian Elf Story: Music by Ygarr Ygarrist with some help from Zany Zatovian and Bach, lyrics by Ygarr Ygarrist.

  4. Explore Zany Zatovian's discography including top tracks, albums, and reviews. Learn all about Zany Zatovian on AllMusic.

  5. 5. Nov. 2023 · The band formed in 1972, originally with guitarist Ygarr Ygarrist (born Steven Della Bosca) and bassist Zany Zatovian (Bruce Courtois). After recruiting singer Zory Zenith (Billy McCartney, formerly of rival L.A. glitter outfit Shady Lady) and drummer Eon Flash (Craig Rhinehart), Zolar X began appearing at local radio impresario Rodney ...

  6. Zolar X is an American band founded in 1973. They are referred to as "Los Angeles' first glam rock band" in the 1998 book Glam by Barney Hoskyns. The band became known on the LA club scene for dressing and acting like space aliens, including speaking a language of their own invention.

  7. 22. Jan. 2018 · Zolar X were an American space-art/rock band that was active on the Los Angeles club circuit during the mid-1970s. The band was a popular local draw due to its theatrical presentation and alien-style getup, but no records emerged from the period.