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  1. Existen varios dispositivos para reemplazar la función del corazón, sus válvulas u otra parte del sistema circulatorio.El corazón artificial se usa típicamente como preparación para los trasplante de corazón, o permanentemente en caso de que el trasplante de corazón sea imposible.

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    Etymology. The word knight, from Old English cniht ("boy" or "servant"), is a cognate of the German word Knecht ("servant, bondsman, vassal"). This meaning, of unknown origin, is common among West Germanic languages (cf Old Frisian kniucht, Dutch knecht, Danish knægt, Swedish knekt, Norwegian knekt, Middle High German kneht, all meaning "boy, youth, lad").

  3. Project Gutenberg is a library of free eBooks.

  4. Although occasionally assisted by war-experienced noblemen like Götz von Berlichingen and Florian Geyer (in Franconia) and the theologian Thomas Müntzer (in Thuringia), the peasant forces lacked military structure, skill, logistics and equipment and as many as 100,000 insurgents were eventually defeated and massacred by the territorial princes.

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  6. 库客音乐专注于国内古典音乐发展,拥有海量正版古典音乐资源,为用户提供正版音乐,致力于推动国内古典音乐的发展。