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  1. 2. März 2021 · Antonia Gentry is an American actress who plays Ginny in the Netflix drama Ginny and Georgia. She is biracial, with her mom Sandra being Jamaican and her dad Tony being American. Learn more about her parents, ethnicity, career, relationship status and BLM activism.

  2. Early life and education. Antonia Gentry was born in Atlanta, Georgia. [4] [3] She is biracial. Her mother is black and from Jamaica, and her father is white. [5] [6] Since she was five years old, she wanted to be an actress. [3]

  3. 18. März 2021 · Antonia is biracial, and the influences from both parents' perspectives on life have greatly shaped her own over the years. Her father, a white Christian man born in the U.S., offers one side of the spectrum, while her mother, a Black Jamaican-born woman, offers another.

    • Meet Sandra Gentry and Tony Gentry: Antonia Gentry Parents
    • Does Antonia Gentry Have siblings?
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    Antonia Gentry has been influenced by the diverse backgrounds of her parents, Tony Gentry and Sandra Gentry. Antonia’s mother is a Black woman from Jamaica who is passionate about art and poetry. She wrote Antonia’s first play. Antonia’s Father is a white Christian man born in the U.S. Both of Antonia’s parents have contributed to her personal deve...

    Antonia Gentry has no brothers or sisters. Her parents have only one child. Being an only child can have its benefits, such as having undivided attention from parents and the opportunity to be independent at an early age. However, it can also have its drawbacks, such as not having a built-in companion or the experience of sibling dynamics. Being an...

    Forbes recognized Antonia Gentry as one of the “30 Under 30” in Hollywood and Entertainment. Antonia Gentry’s net worth is currently at $250,000 and is expected to rise. She is currently filming a movie called Time Cut, which combines elements of Back to the Future and Scream. She has had roles in several films, such as Candy Jar, Lone Wolf Mason, ...

  4. Ihre Mutter stammt aus Jamaika. [3] Gentry lebt in Los Angeles. [4] Sie war bereits 2015 in ersten kleineren Rollen, unter anderem in der Kurzfilmen Lone Wolf Mason und Driver’s Ed: Tales from the Street zu sehen. 2018 spielte sie die Rolle der Jasmine im Netflix-Film Candy Jar.

  5. 2. Jan. 2022 · Antonia Gentry's Parents Are Proud. In March 2021, Gentry appeared on The Ellen Show and shared that her parents were over the moon about her success on the Netflix show Ginny & Georgia. She explained she recently moved back home, and her parents talked about the show every day.

  6. 25. Feb. 2021 · Antonia Gentry: Boyfriend. Only a handful of people get to be in a committed relationship with their high-school sweethearts and Antonia Gentry is blissfully one of those. She is dating Ezra Pounds, an Atlanta-based producer and composer who hails from the same Davidson Fine Arts School as her. The two have been together for years, at least as ...