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  1. Christian Democracy is an economically centre-left to centre-right (largely depending on his opposition), moderately authoritarian and culturally centre-left to right-wing ideology, born out of an affair between Christian Theocracy and Liberal Democracy.

  2. Democrazia Cristiana (In Italy) Balena Bianca (In Italy) Premiocrazia Grattiana (by Italian leftists) Christian Humanism First Camp (In Austria) Democratic Positive Christianity (Kanye) John Paul II Thought JP2GMD (jokingly in Poland, about John Paul II) Solidarity Alignments

  3. Christian Theocracy is a culturally right-wing ideology occupying the upper center section of the Authoritarian scale of the political compass, depending on the type of Christianity (Calvinists on the far right, Catholics center left, etc.). It believes that a strong, Christian government is necessary for the salvation of mankind.

  4. Christian Democracy & Islamic Democracy - Theocracies but based. Democratic Socialism - Socialism but based. Social Democracy - He likes welfare and democracy. Liberalism - Progressivism but based. Technoliberalism - Looks like technocracy finally stopped being elitist. Elective Monarchism and Constitutional Monarchism - The good forms of ...

  5. 22. Nov. 2023 · Christian social democracy. Christian social democracy, Christian, is a form of Christian democracy and social democracy that is center-left in its economics, culturally variable (depending on theology), and civically variable.

  6. Welcome to the Polcompball Wiki! Be aware this wiki is a support base for Polcompball artists and casual browsers, not a an unbiased or trustworthy/fact checked repository for information about political ideologies. We do not condone any ideology featured in this wiki, it is intended purely as a showcase. This wiki is dedicated to Polcompball ...

  7. Christian Democracy; Christian Theocracy; Circulus Theory; Civic Nationalism; Civil Libertarianism; Class Dealignment; Classical Conservatism; Classical Liberalism; Clerical Fascism; Combatocracy; Communalism; Communitarianism; Confederalism; Confessionalism; Conservatism; Conservative Feminism; Conservative Liberalism; Conservative Socialism ...