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  1. 27. Mai 2023 · Christian social democracy. Christian social democracy, Christian, is a form of Christian democracy and social democracy that is center-left in its economics, culturally variable (depending on theology), and civically variable.

  2. 29. Mai 2023 · Christian Democracy; Christian Right; Classical Conservatism; Climate Skepticism (Recently) Cultural Conservatism; Eco-Conservatism; Eurosceptism (Majority) Kipperism; LGB Conservatism (Most in recent times) Liberal Conservatism; Libertarian Conservatism; National Conservatism; National Liberalism; One-Nation Conservatism ...

  3. 30. Mai 2023 · Commie Judeo-Bolshevism (By Anti-Semitic anti-communists) Leninist Marxism Red Reactionary (Erroneously by Vaushism) The Immortal Science (By himself) All leftist ideologies (By AnCaps) Economic Incel (By Alt-Right) 5th Generation of the Political Defined Left (By Gustavo Bueno and his followers)

  4. 31. Mai 2023 · Part of the broader Christian Right, Christian Trumpists oppose abortion, pornography, LGBT+ rights, Multiculturalism, and comprehensive sex education while supporting American exceptionalism, Christian Nationalism, and the end-times conspiracy. In 2020, over 80% of white evangelicals voted for Donald Trump.

  5. Vor 4 Tagen · Christian democracy is a political ideology that emerged in 19th-century Europe influenced by Catholic social teaching and neo-Calvinism.

  6. Vor 3 Tagen · In the book titled Democracy and Totalitarianism (1968), French analyst Raymond Aron outlined five criteria for a regime to be considered as totalitarian: A one-party state where one party has a monopoly on all political activity.

  7. 17. Mai 2023 · Basic Information Aliases Anti-Communist Action Anti-Kommunistche Aktion Anti-Com Red Scare (in the United States) Counter-Revolutionaries (by Marixsm-Leninism) Reactionaries (erroneously by Marixsm-Leninism) White Terror (by Communists) Fascism with a Mask (erroneously by Communists) Gusanos (worms) (despectively, by Castroism)

  8. 29. Mai 2023 · Money and the power! Minute after minute! Hour after hour!" Basic Information Aliases Alignment (s) AuthRight Capitalists Ideological Information Influenced by: Anti-Communism Authoritarianism Economic Liberalism Elitism (Most) Capitalism Imperialism (Many) Influenced Notable people Post Soviet States/ Eastern Europe

  9. › wiki › Mh:polcompball:EE-Democracy - Polcompball Wiki

    20. Mai 2023 · E-Democracy is a democratic ideology that advocates for a system of government meant to increase citizen participation through the use of the internet. E-Democracy...

  10. 30. Mai 2023 · Authoritarian Democracy; Authoritarian Neoliberalism; Narco-Capitalism; Christian Democracy; National Conservatism; Right-Wing Populism; Kakistocracy

  11. Vor 5 Tagen · According to journalist Angelo Persichilli, Italian Christian Democratic Party leader Aldo Moro's call for a "parallel convergence" prefigured today's calls for radical centrism. Until being killed by the Red Brigades in the late 1970s, Moro had been promoting a political alliance between Christian Democracy and the Italian Communist ...

  12. 30. Mai 2023 · Christian Theocracy - Among the monastic sins listed by Saint Anselm are sodomy, bestiality, masturbation, dry-humping pillows, wearing clean underwear, touching oneself below the neck, heavy breathing, and approaching closer than 40 furlongs to a female of any mammalian species.