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  1. Eine Wanderin in den Bergen Darkwoods | © Bruce Kirkby. Im Süden der Provinz British Columbia liegt ein teilweise unberührtes, 55 000 Hektar großes Gebiet, bestehend aus Wäldern, Flüssen und Seen: „Darkwoods“, der „kanadische Schwarzwald“.

  2. Darkwoods – The Canadian Black Forest. There is a partly undisturbed region covering 55, 000 hectares located in the south of British Columbia. Consisting of woods, rivers, and lakes, it is called Darkwoods, or the “Canadian Black Forest”.

  3. Conservative estimates suggest that more than two million tonnes of carbon are stored in Darkwoods — equal to the annual carbon footprint of more than 500,000 Canadians. Through the Darkwoods Forest Carbon Project, we are funding the long-term care and management of Darkwoods.

  4. 2. Nov. 2020 · Alongside Kootenay Lake in southeastern British Columbia lies Canada’s largest privately-owned tract: the ominously named Darkwoods Conservation Area. The Evolution of Darkwoods From 1967 to 2008, one man—German Duke Carl Herzog von Wurttemberg—owned this enormous parcel of mountain wilderness.

  5. Darkwoods is an unmaintained wilderness area open to the public from July through September. Permits are required for entry and no camping is allowed. All roads require 4WD, and due to industrial truck activity on the roads during the work week, recreational truck access is allowed only on weekends on the main roads.

  6. Devil’s Hole. Read signpost. Evolving Together. Read signpost. Experience the Darkwoods Conservation Area in British Columbia through a virtual nature tour. See mountains, rivers, lakes and forests in this short documentary video.

  7. Darkwoods is the largest private land conservation project in Canada. Darkwoods Forest Conservation, Canada The project delivers approximately 415,000 tonnes of emissions reductions annually to help take urgent action to combat climate change (SDG 13) by avoiding the release of carbon through timber harvesting, road building and other forestry ...