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  1. sad. traurig. sad. bedauerlich. sad. schade. it's so sad [ that] you can't remember his address. es ist jammerschade, dass du dich nicht an seine Adresse erinnern kannst. it's a sad comment on our society that many old people die of cold each winter.

  2. sad meaning: 1. unhappy: 2. boring or not fashionable: . Learn more.

  3. Depressive disorder (also known as depression) is a common mental disorder. It involves a depressed mood or loss of pleasure or interest in activities for long periods of time. Depression is different from regular mood changes and feelings about everyday life. It can affect all aspects of life, including relationships with family, friends and ...

  4. SADNESS meaning: 1. the feeling of being unhappy, especially because something bad has happened: 2. something that…. Learn more.

  5. SAD - traduire en français avec le dictionnaire Anglais-Français - Cambridge Dictionary.

  6. 19. Sept. 2023 · The word may have started as a combination of “sad” and “cringe,” but over time, the “cringe” aspect of its meaning faded, and it came to solely mean “sad.” The sadge emote, featuring a sullen Pepe the Frog, was added to Twitch extensions in January 2020, making it more accessible to streamers and viewers. While it is not clear if sadge is a derived word or a popular typo, it ...

  7. SAD-SACK definition: 1. boring and never likely to be successful: 2. boring and never likely to be successful: . Learn more.