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  1. 14. März 2024 · This decision proved controversial with fans, and both actors agreed it wasn’t a proper finale for the series. Dominic Keating talked specifically about how a recent rewatch made him feel: “I...

  2. 19. März 2024 · Dominic Keating's recent criticisms of the Star Trek: Enterprise finale are justified. Given that Enterprise had been canceled due to flagging ratings, it does feel insulting to drop two beloved characters from the more popular Star Trek: The Next Generation into the finale.

    • Core Features Writer/TV & Movie Reviewer
  3. 18. März 2024 · Bei der ST-SF Convention in San Francisco vom 8. bis 10. März haben Connor Trinneer und Dominic Keating, die Darsteller von Trip Tucker und Malcolm Reed, über das Finale von Star Trek:...

    • Peter Osteried
  4. 24. Sept. 2023 · In 2022, Connor Trinneer and his Star Trek: Enterprise co-star, Dominic Keating, showed the camaraderie between Trip Tucker and Lt. Malcolm Reed was genuine in real life as well when they launched their own podcast, The Shuttlepod Show.

    • John Orquiola
    • Senior Editor-Star Trek
  5. 15. Aug. 2023 · Appearing on The Shuttlepod Show in 2022, Rick Berman told hosts Dominic Keating, Connor Trinneer, and Erica LaRose that when UPN canceled Star Trek: Enterprise, Berman and executive producer Brannon Braga realized they only had weeks, not the 7 years they expected, to wrap up the show's macro story of how the United Federation of ...

    • John Orquiola
    • Senior Editor-Star Trek
  6. 7. Sept. 2022 · Dominic Keating (Lt. Reed) says much the same thing in this Trek Movie interview. “God bless Scott, he didn’t complain about anything. So, when he does say something like [how he didn’t like...

  7. The "Star Trek: Enterprise" cast member talks about how fellow Brit Patrick Stewart was a role model, and why he was forced to watch "Star Trek: The Next Generation" over and over.