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  1. Vor 2 Tagen · Election results and governments since 1949 The SPD, at times called SAPD, took part in general elections determining the composition of parliament. For elections up until 1933, the parliament was called the Reichstag , except for the one of 1919 which was called the National Assembly and since 1949 the parliament is called Bundestag .

    • 27 May 1875; 148 years ago
  2. Vor 3 Tagen · Political Parties (Germany) - List of German political parties since 1949 Collection of recognized political parties by the Federal Returning Office (in German) Overview of the elections since 1946 (Übersicht der Wahlen seit 1946) on the website of the Tagesschau - Election results in Germany since 1946 on state, federal and European levels (German descriptions, but graphics and data can be ...

  3. Vor einem Tag · Elections. The Free Democratic Party (German: Freie Demokratische Partei; FDP, German pronunciation: [ɛfdeːˈpeː] ⓘ) is a liberal [3] [4] political party in Germany. The FDP was founded in 1948 by members of former liberal political parties which existed in Germany before World War II, namely the German Democratic Party and the German ...

    • 12 December 1948; 74 years ago
    • Liberalism
    • Hans-Dietrich-Genscher-Haus, Reinhardtstraße 14, 10117 Berlin
    • Centre-right
  4. Vor 3 Tagen · Vertriebene und Flüchtlinge überlasten den Arbeitsmarkt. Architektur 1949: Wohnungsbau vordringlich. Auto 1949: Produktion verdreifacht, aber nur wenige neue Modelle. Vespa feiert als preiswerter Autoersatz in Europa Triumphe. Bildungswesen 1949: Bildungspolitiker verwalten nur den Mangel. Essen und Trinken 1949:

  5. Vor 4 Tagen · The most significant elections in Germany 2024 are the European Parliament elections, scheduled for June 9, 2024. These elections occur every five years and are critical for determining the future development of the European Union and its policies, including those related to climate change and sustainability. With 96 seats in the European Parliament, Germany plays a pivotal role in shaping EU ...

  6. Vor einem Tag · The German Wine Institute organizes the election and award of the German Wine Queen every year. Since 1949/50, a wine queen and two wine princesses have been chosen every year to carry out representative tasks at home and abroad. Julia Klöckner, Federal Minister of Agriculture and Food from 2018 to 2021, was also elected German Wine Queen in 1995.

  7. 2. Apr. 2024 · See who is winning in the Apr. 02, 2024, Wisconsin Primary election with real-time results and county-by-county maps.