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  1. Schwarzenberg (im tschechischen Sprachgebrauch Schwarzenbergové (pl.), früher auch Švarcenberkové) ist der Name eines aus Seinsheim in Franken stammenden Uradelsgeschlechts, das der Familie von Seinsheim entstammt und sich nach dem 1405 erworbenen Schloss Schwarzenberg im Steigerwald benannte, welches sich noch im Familienbesitz befindet.

  2. The majority of metopes were systematically destroyed by Christians at the time of the transformation of the Parthenon into a church towards the sixth or the seventh century AD. A powder magazine installed in the building by the Ottomans exploded during the siege of Athens by the Venetians in September 1687, continuing the destruction.

  3. Sanctification is the term used to describe the work of the Holy Spirit to free our lives from sin. Accordingly John and Charles sought to discover modes of life — holiness — that would aid Christians in their desire to be freed from sin and on the way to salvation. Still use it, but use it in a different manner. Do what God commands as he ...

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