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  1. The Imperial German Navy or the Kaiserliche Marine (Imperial Navy) was the navy of the German Empire, which existed between 1871 and 1919. It grew out of the small Prussian Navy (from 1867 the North German Federal Navy ), which was mainly for coast defence.

  2. 1. The German state was formed in 1871 by the unification of numerous German-speaking European kingdoms. 2. Imperial Germany was dominated by Prussian militarism and the nationalist but pragmatic Bismarck. 3. The imperial government was a limited democracy, with most power residing with conservative elites. 4. In 1871-90 Germany underwent rapid ...

  3. 6. Sept. 2019 · Imperial Germany’s Naval Challenge and the Renewal of British Power; By John H. Maurer; T. G. Otte, University of East Anglia; Book: British World Policy and the Projection of Global Power, c.1830–1960; Online publication: 06 September 2019; Chapter DOI:

    • T. G. Otte
    • 2019
  4. Driven by a desire to make the German Empire a viable world power and an integral industrial nation, the Navy Bills of 1898 and 1900 laid out the course for a massive naval expansion under anti-British auspices.

  5. for this insignificant role of the navy in mid-nineteenth century Germany, to describe the course of naval history in the years between the unification in 1870-71 and the final defeat of the Empire in 1918, as well as the changing importance of sea power for government policy, for naval

    • Michael Epkenhans
    • 1996
  6. Specifically, Tirpitz argued that the German fleet must be powerful enough to inflict damage on the strongest naval power, and “for Germany the most dangerous enemy at the present time is England,” against which Germany “most urgently [required] a certain measure of naval force as a political power factor.” 27 Tirpitz contended the ...

  7. 24. Mai 2018 · Highlights the major themes of the eight German navies since the founding of the Reichsflotte in 1848 (first formally celebrated in 1998), this book is based on the exhibition of the historical hall at the naval memorial in Laboe, the official memorial of the navy and its interpretation of its history. back to top.