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  1. Découvrez les atouts du 1er groupe d’écoles d’ingénieur et de management en France. Accès rapide à l'emploi, cursus innovants, double-diplôme, mobilité, ambiance start-up.

  2. 10. Okt. 2022 · A French Institute for Engineering and Applied Science. Among the oldest Frances elite Schools of Engineering, IMT Mines Ales (also known as Ecole nationale supérieure des mines dAles) was founded in 1843. The main campuses are located in Ales city, in the south of France, 1 hour from Montpellier. While proud of its own heritage, it has ...

  3. All our courses | IMT Mines Alès. Accueil. courses. All our courses. IMT Mines Alès' training and research activities are divided into 6 areas of excellence. 6 areas of excellence covered by our engineering, master's, specialised master's and doctoral programmes.

  4. Connected to the European research and higher education network and a member of the Institut Mines Telecom network (Link), IMT Mines Ales is a choice destination for students coming to study in France.

  5. L' École des Mines d'Alès ( EMA) was created in 1843 by King Louis Philippe, under the guardianship of the French Ministry of Economy, Finance and Employment, is a French technology and engineering university. From 2012, its full name changed into Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Mines d'Alès.

  6. Die École nationale supérieure des mines d'Alès ( IMT Mines Alès) ist eine französische Ingenieurhochschule, die 1843 gegründet wurde. [1] Die Hochschule bildet Ingenieure mit einem multidisziplinären Profil aus, die in allen Bereichen der Industrie und des Dienstleistungssektors arbeiten. [2] [3] Die IMT Mines Alès ist in Alès. [4] .

  7. 75 formations sont proposées à IMT Mines Alès. 75 parcours.pdf - pdf 542.11 Ko. Les 6 domaines d’excellence couvrent tous les grands défis scientifiques, technologiques, environnementaux et sociétaux du XXIe siècle. Environnement, Energie & Risques. Génie Civil & Bâtiment Durable. Industrie du futur. Informatique & Intelligence Artificielle.

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