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  1. 10. Aug. 2020 · Intelligence Gathering Techniques. There are several different types of intelligence. Permanent Record refers to the three types: sigint, humint, and loveint. Intelligence Gathering Method #1: SIGINT. NSA SIGINT is short for signals intelligence. This type of intelligence comes from intercepted communications such as phone, fax, and computers. Cyber intelligence specifically refers to intelligence gathered from the Internet. For the NSA, SIGINT is the focus.

  2. Measurement and signature intelligence (MASINT) are gathered from an array of signatures (distinctive characteristics) of fixed or dynamic target sources. According to the Air Force Institute of Technology 's Center for MASINT Studies and Research, MASINT is split into six major disciplines: electro-optical, nuclear, radar, geophysical, materials, and radiofrequency.

  3. Our principal techniques for gathering intelligence are: Covert Human Intelligence Sources or “agents”. Agents are people who are able to provide secret information about a... Directed surveillance, such as following and/or observing targets; Interception of communications, such as monitoring emails ...

  4. Intelligence gathering can be dissected into different modes of which Open Source Intelligence (OSINT), Cyber Intelligence (CYBINT), and Human Intelligence (HUMINT) are the most viable for targeted attacks. OSINT is the process of gathering intelligence from publicly available resources (including Internet and others). OSINT should not be confused with Open Source Software (OSS) as these are both different elements. The presence of “Open Source” is used distinctively in OSINT and OSS ...

    Type Of Information
    Web Site
    Electronic Data Gathering, Analysis, and ...
    System providing companies information ...
    Glass Door/Simply Hired
    Online repositories providing information ... | http://www.
    Name Check/Background Check
    Information about usernames and ... | http://www.
    Central Operations/Robtex
    Information about domain names, IP ... | http://www.robtex.
  5. 5 Open Source Intelligence Gathering Techniques #1 Stay aligned with the Intelligence Cycle. The intelligence cycle should be considered a fundamental part of... #2 Utilise disparate data sources. The internet is not a singular, monolithic database accessible only with commercial... #3 Expand ...

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