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  1. 14.08.2009 · Every day we present FREE licensed software published by developers from all over the world.

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    Armenian IPTV, Armenian tv box, Armenia tv, H1, Shant tv, h2, USArmenia, PanArmenian tv, h3, I wish you the best and also hope that you upgrade app with new satellites channel like national geography,4fun,musicbox,and also some channels about movie. We estimate as many as 340,000 Iranians. Payman Jebelli, the external services head of the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting, said Wednesday ...

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  6. Google Translate has a very useful and mostly accurate Persian setting, which is available as an offline dictionary in the app. Rosetta Stone has Persian courses from Level 1 through 3 – though this’ll teach you ‘correct’, formal, newsreader-style Persian, which Tehranis will find hilarious.

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