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  1. Kismet is a free, open source tool for sniffing and wardriving Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Zigbee, RF, and more. Download the latest version, check out the news, join the community, and support development.

    • Kismet

      Kismet is an open source sniffer, WIDS, wardriver, and...

    • Projects

      Hak5 Wi-Fi Pineapple Mods # Looking for the instructions and...

    • Posts

      Kismet development and release posts. Kismet development and...

    • Download

      The latest stable Kismet release is 2023-07-R1. Dark mode...

    • API

      Kismet uses a REST-like interface for the embedded...

    • Development

      Kismet can load additional code dynamically at runtime in...

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    You can get packages for the latest Kismet code for many distributions from the Kismet package repositories.

    The latest stable Kismet release is 2023-07-R1 Download the kismet-2023-07-R1 source tarball here, or check out thetagged release from the Git repository If you’re interested in the absolute latest development Kismet code, check out the git code, below.

    Kismet uses git for code management; code under development is in the masterbranch of the git repository, and the development of new features happens here. While the development code maybe unstable, generally it is quite usable, and may offer features and bug fixes which haven’t made it into a release version yet. To get the latest code prior to re...

    The Kismet documentation (in markdown/kramdown format used to generate the documentation for the website) is available as part of its own repository. This repository is linked as a sub-module in the Kismet git tree, or is available stand-alone at: or the Github mirror:

    Kismet has several Python modules which help when scripting against the Kismet server or Kismet data; these modules are being spun into their own repositories for easier inclusion in PyPy and similar.

    Spectools development code can be found in the spectools git at: or you can download the Spectools-2016-01-R1 code release here

    Android PCAP was an experiment in porting a Wi-Fi USB driver from Linux to the Android USB API; while funcitonal, this targets only a very old version of an old driver, and an old version of Android, making the code likely of academic interest only.

    Find the latest stable and development versions of Kismet, a Wi-Fi sniffer and analyzer, and its related projects. Download source code, packages, documentation, and Python modules from the official website or Git repositories.

  3. WLAN entschlüsselt. Kismet ist ein gratis Tool, mit dem ihr euer Netzwerk überprüfen könnt. Auf Netzwelt erfahrt ihr, wie die Freeware funktioniert und gelangt zum Download. Kismet Download...

    • (170)
    • 828 MB
    • Utilitiesapplication
    • Macos, Linux, Windows 10
  4. › static › downloadKismet Wireless

    Kismet Wireless is a tool for wireless network detection and analysis. Download the latest beta version with web UI, JSON output, and new features, or the legacy version with Wi-Fi only support.

  5. 17. März 2024 · Kismet ist ein 802.11b-Netzwerksniffer zum Aufspüren von WLANs. Er findet auch passive Access-Points und kann durch Analyse von UDP, DHCP und ARP-Request die Subnetze ermitteln.

    • (3)
    • Linux
    • Sicherheit/Überwachung/Sniffer
  6. › docs › readmeInstalling - Kismet

    Windows →. Kismet Wireless - Site powered by Hugo and Doks

  7. Kismet is a tool for detecting and sniffing 802.11 networks and other protocols. Download the latest version from GitHub and learn how to use it with various capture sources, plugins, GPS, logging, filtering, alerts, and more.