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  1. 17. März 2024 · Karl Kautsky Internet Archive. Nothing would be more erroneous than to stamp the whole of the Communist Manifesto simply as an historic document. On the contrary. The principles developed by it, the method to which it leads us, the characteristic it gives by a few strokes of the capitalist mode of production, are to-day more valid than ever.

  2. 18. März 2024 · Karl Kautsky was a Marxist theorist and a leader of the German Social Democratic Party. After the death of Friedrich Engels in 1895, Kautsky inherited the role of the intellectual and political conscience of German Marxism. Having joined the Austrian Social Democrats while a student at the.

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  3. Vor 5 Tagen · Rosa Luxemburg (Foto von Karl Pinkau). Rosa Luxemburg (* 5.März 1871 als Rozalia Luxenburg in Zamość, Kongresspolen, Russisches Kaiserreich; † 15. Januar 1919 in Berlin) war eine einflussreiche Vertreterin der europäischen Arbeiterbewegung, des Marxismus, Antimilitarismus und proletarischen Internationalismus.

  4. Vor 2 Tagen · Karl Kautsky, the chief theorist of Marxism in the generation after Marx and Engels, made just this point in a book published for the Revolution’s centenary: those pre-1789 French bourgeoisie most directly engaged in capitalist enterprise were the least likely to be anti-royalist revolutionaries.

  5. 15. März 2024 · Karl Kautsky (1845-1938) In 1880, Kautsky joined Bernstein in Zurich who smuggled socialist material into Germany in defiance of the Anti-Socialist Laws. Bernstein introduced Kautsky to Marxism and Kautsky visited Marx and Engels in England. He founded Neue Zeit in Stuttgart in 1883 and was its editor until 1917. In this position he became the ...

  6. Vor 6 Tagen · Mit Karl Kautsky hätte sich eine "kopernikanische Wende" der Diskussion in der Arbeiterbewegung abgezeichnet. Bürgerliches Denken habe zunehmend an Einfluss gewonnen; an die Stelle der Wiederherstellung der natürlichen Rechte der Menschen sei nun die Neugestaltung der menschlichen Existenz getreten. Dass sich Kautzky an Fragen wie Entartung und Überbevölkerung wagte, habe dabei zur ...

  7. 22. März 2024 · Rosa Luxemburg. The Russian Revolution of 1905 proved to be the central experience in Luxemburg’s life. Until then she had believed that Germany was the country in which world revolution was most likely to originate. She now believed it would catch fire in Russia. She went to Warsaw, participated in the struggle, and was imprisoned.