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  1. Leni Stern ist eine deutsche Jazz-Gitarristin, -Sängerin und -Pianistin.

  2. www.lenistern.comLeni Stern

    Leni Stern is a multi-instrumentalist composer and a singer. Leni started her career as a female Jazz guitarist. Her current band is a Jazz meets Worldmusic ensemble with traditional African percussion grooves, vocals and New York's finest musicians.

  3. › wiki › Leni_SternLeni Stern - Wikipedia

    Leni Stern (born 28 April 1952) is a German jazz guitarist and singer. [1] Early life. Stern was born Magdalena Thora, in Germany on 28 April 1952. [1] . She was interested in music from an early age, beginning piano studies at the age of six and taking on the guitar a few years later. [1] .

  4. › user › lenisternLeni Stern - YouTube

    Watch videos of Leni Stern's performances, collaborations, and releases on her official YouTube channel. Subscribe to get updates on her latest music and features from the world of jazz and African music.

  5. Leni Stern is a genre-defying female guitarist, composer and bandleader who blends jazz, West African and South American influences. Learn about her career, her cross-cultural quartet and her latest album Dance, released in June 2021.

  6. › reports › leni-sternLeni Stern - Melodiva

    Leni Stern ist. Gitarristin, Komponistin, Sängerin, Arrangeurin, Label-Eignerin, Autorin, stolze New Yorkerin, Brustkrebsüberlebende, Kampfsportlerin und Ehefrau des bekannten Jazzgitarristen Mike Stern.

  7. Leni’s new album – aptly titled 4 – showcases the crystalline guitar, West African rhythms and multilingual songs that listeners know from her recent releases, with Leo’s improvisational fire and hints of South American lyricism added to the mix.