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  1. List of totalitarian regimes. This is a list of totalitarian regimes. There are regimes that have been commonly referred to as "totalitarian", or the concept of totalitarianism has been applied to them, for which there is wide consensus among scholars to be called as such.

  2. Totalitarian countries are often also classified as dictatorship countries because they are ruled by a government, headed by either a single dictator or a group of people, that was not chosen by the people in free and fair elections. They are also considered fascist countries in most cases.

  3. List of totalitarian regimes M Manchukuo Mongolian People's Republic N National Legionary State Nazi Germany North Korea P People's Democratic Republic of Ethiopia People's Republic of Bulgaria Q Quisling regime R Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic S Second Republic of Uganda Slovak Republic (1939–1945) Socialist Republic of Romania

  4. Totalitarianism. 85 languages. Joseph Stalin (left), leader of the Soviet Union, and Adolf Hitler (right), leader of Nazi Germany —prototypical dictators of totalitarian regimes of the left and right political spectrums respectively. Totalitarianism is a form of government and a political system that prohibits all opposition ...