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  1. 9. Apr. 2021 · The April 8 episode centered around Alexis preparing to head off to prison had some fans wondering “Is Nancy Lee Grahn leaving GENERAL HOSPITAL?” Well, while live-tweeting along with viewers during the show, the actress reassured those who asked, “I’m not going anywhere.”

  2. 15. März 2023 · General Hospital 's resident newshounds are Gregory ( Gregory Harrison) and Alexis ( Nancy Lee Grahn ). The two characters have butted heads on screen, but off-screen, Harrison enjoys...

  3. 15. März 2023 · General Hospital’ Spoilers For March 16: Moment of truth Finally, there’s Alexis Davis (Nancy Lee Grahn). She and Gregory were willing to call a truce last time and talk things out. However, it might not last long. Following his stumble, things will get worse and she’ll ask, “if you’re not drunk, why are you slurring your words?”

  4. 17. März 2023 · General Hospital: Worse News For Gregory Chase Or this could have nothing to do with Lyme Disease. Gregory could have received a more dire diagnosis in the past weeks. Which, once again, he doesn’t feel a need to share with Alexis. Not until he’s come to terms with it himself. And told his sons. Who deserve to hear it from him.

  5. 15. März 2023 · Until then, Alexis Davis (Nancy Lee Grahn) will get some updates that leave her rattled, so that may be related to Gregory Chase’s (Gregory Harrison) apparent terminal diagnosis. General Hospital spoilers say the week of March 20-24 will bring some dropped bombs and explosive drama, so stay tuned to ABC’s GH.

  6. 17. März 2023 · Alexis Davis Shaken – General Hospital Spoilers. General Hospital spoilers for next week see Alexis Davis (Nancy Lee Grahn) shook. So, she may get to the bottom of Gregory Chase’s (Gregory Harrison) behavior. Indeed it looks like he has an illness, and that’s why he left his job as a professor.