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  1. 4. Juli 2024 · This is a discography for British singer Petula Clark . Studio albums. 1950s. 1960s. 1970s. 1990s–2018. Live albums. Charted compilations. EPs. – The UK Pye Records / France Disques Vogue / U.S. Warner Bros. Records Years –. The Monaural 7-inch 45rpm / 45 T (ours) EP remained the preferred format of French record buyers until 1968.

  2. 1. Juli 2024 · "My Love" performed by Petula Clark, with lyrics by Tony Hatch who also produced it was released as a single in December 1965, and spent 13 weeks on the US Billboard Hot 100, reaching No. 1 on...

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  3. 27. Juni 2024 · "I Know a Place" performed by Petula Clark, with lyrics by Tony Hatch was released as a single in March 1965, and featured on her studio album The New Petula...

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  4. 25. Juni 2024 · The song “Sign of the Times” by Petula Clark is a timeless classic that has resonated with audiences for decades. Released in 1966, it quickly became one of Clark’s signature songs and remains one of her most popular hits.

  5. 26. Juni 2024 · "Strangers and Lovers" performed by Petula Clark, with lyrics by Tony Hatch from her studio album The New Petula Clark Album (also titled I Know a Place) (19...

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  6. 27. Juni 2024 · Downtown, a timeless classic by Petula Clark, holds a special place in the hearts of many. Released in November 1964, it quickly rose to the top of the charts, becoming Clark’s signature song and a defining moment in her career. Let’s take a deeper look into the meaning behind the lyrics and explore why this song continues to ...

  7. 27. Juni 2024 · When I listen to the song “When I Was A Child” by Petula Clark, I am instantly transported back to my own childhood. The lyrics capture the innocence and wonder of youth, reminding me of a time when life was simple and full of possibilities.